Friday, February 15, 2013

Don't Let Satan Trick You Out of Your Blessing

              1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: A verse that is often brought to mind.  Satan, a fool at best.  He is a being with utterly no power unless we give it to him.  An angel that was created to worship God almighty, but chose to challenge God’s authority and found himself cast to Earth to live out a final sentence of aimless roaming until his utter destruction will find him in a lake of fire. 

                His only strength is found in beguiling us, one at a time, into thinking he is a roaring lion, when in fact he is no more than a declawed pussycat.  My late grandfather had a saying that was often used amongst our family and passed on even into my adult years now long after his passing.  His saying was always inserted at times of disarray and consternation.  He would say, “ Satan’s no more than a little puff fish puffing himself up with hot air to look bigger than he really is…”  Grandpa may have or may not have known the literal wording of 1 Peter 5:8, but he sure knew the meaning of it! 
                Satan is a liar and that’s about all he is.  All the power that we give him lets him suck in that hot air to make himself look bigger than he truly is.  We give him this power when we accept one of his lies.  That’s all he really has!  A bunch of low-down-dirty lies!  If he can get a lie to stay in our mind long enough, he can get that lie into our heart.  Once it’s in our heart, it now has the power to grow and bear an ugly, smelly, corrupt fruit.  It is this process that takes him from a declawed pussycat and turns him into a roaring lion in the midst of our circumstances. 
                A lie is like a snowball at the top of a mountain cliff.  Satan walks up and gives it a tiny little shove at the top of that mountain while we are standing right there next to him.  We are then given one of two options.  The first, to put our foot down, stop the snowball and then shout, “ I rebuke you Satan!”  The second, to sit there and ponder the lie while that snowball keeps rolling down the mountain, growing in girth and speed as it rushes toward our village that it will leave in ruin once it crashes at the bottom.  All the while Satan is at the top of the mountain right next to us taunting, mocking, and growing in size as he sucks in more hot air because we didn’t put our foot down and rebuke him!
                The mind is a powerful machine, capable of many things.  One thing is for sure, it is a one track machine.  Meaning, it can only go in one direction at a time.  It is up to us to decide upon and take control of that direction.  When a lie comes in and says, “This is the direction I want you to think…”  We are to respond to that lie, “I rebuke you lie and I rebuke you Satan!  I will be thinking down this path that is not a lie!”  In short, we can choose what we will think and when we will think it.  But to do so, we must be vigilant and ready when the liar comes and start his lies.
Don’t Let Satan Trick You Out of Your Blessing by tricking you into thinking he is more powerful than he truly is!  Don’t Let Satan Trick You Out of Your Blessing by tricking you into pondering over one of lies longer than you should!  Don’t Let Satan Trick You Out of Your Blessing by tricking you into thinking that the name of Jesus Christ is not above every name!  And MOST definitely, Don’t Let Satan Trick You Out of Your Blessing by tricking you into bowing down to a lie that should be bowing down to the Jesus Christ anointing inside of you!

-Pastor Jason